Unit Sizes:

5 x 5
A small walk-in closet
Store boxes, small furniture, small mattress set, chest of drawers

5 x 10

Size of large walk-in closet
Items from a small one bedroom apartment, mattress set, dining table and
chairs, sofa and boxes

10 x 10

Size of a small bedroom
One or two bedroom apartment, refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer,
sofa and boxes


10 x 15

Size of a large bedroom
2 or 3 bedroom apartment, appliances, patio furniture
Some compact cars can be stored in this unit


10 x 20

Size of a single car garage, this unit will accommodate most
cars and small trucks plus miscellaneous items or
2 or 3 bedroom house, outdoor furniture, and yard tools


10 x 30

This unit will hold the contents of a 40 ft moving van. A car or pickup truck can be stored here plus the contents of a large one bedroom apart- ment or small house.


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